Whether you’re a local auto shop or a multi-location chain, Momentum Drives has a marketing plan that will work for you. Fill out our contact form to download our marketing packages and pricing guide. We base our success on your growth of market share. Reach more people and grow your car count with monthly programs from $1K to $50K+ based on the size of your service area and goals for growth. You and your business get an entire “conquest” marketing department and digital ad spend for less than a full-time person.

One-time service to FULL pit crew.

Our primary KPI is your Market Share. Plus, no long-term contracts. Your commitment to communicate is vital.

Asset Tune-Up: 1 MO

We’ll get updated photos and videos of your real-life shop and staff, maybe even some of your customers. Add authenticity to your website and social media, and differentiate your shop and digital footprint from those who use generic stock photos and videos.

Budget – $6,900 Full-Day Photo/Video
Get a videographer and photographer on-location where Momentum interviews three to five people such as employees & customers to promote your services and culture. There will be enough assets for website updates, social media and other campaigns. 

Your 15- and 30-second videos (commercials) CAN then be delivered via Hulu, Facebook & LinkedIn and can be added to your YouTube channel so that they can be used in Google Ads.

This content can deliver to your targeted audience on YouTube, some Roku and Sling TV networks via connected TVs, on social platforms, Hulu, and on other websites that allow advertising (such as news sites, weather sites, hobby and magazine sites). This allows you to reach your audience with a commercial via TV.

High Performance: Ongoing

After an “Asset Tune-Up” Momentum Drives Marketing will act as your full service agency and shift your campaigns into “High Performance” mode. We help you gain significant market share and revenue with our Conquest Marketing Strategy.

Budget – $4,200/mo. + monthly ad spend
– Website Review & SEO Report
– Implement Technical SEO on Website
– Competitor Market Analysis
– Develop Three Key Landing Page with Content
– Implement Approved Site Edit Suggestions
– Verify Google Search Console
– Verify Google Analytics
– Verify Google Business Listing (GBL)
– Content Update Google Business Listing (GBL)
– Verify APPLE MAPS (for Siri)
– Develop Social Media Content for 20 Posts
– Execute Targeted Paid Social Media for 20 Posts
– Implement 20 Updates for Facebook to Match Site
– Implement 20 Updates for LinkedIn to Match Site
– Develop & Execute Google Ads Campaign
– Provide Targeting for Ongoing Paid Social Media
– Provide Targeting for Ongoing Paid Google Ads
– Provide RECRUITING Strategy Plan
– Provide 8-Month Strategy Plan
– Renewable Ongoing, No Contract, 60-Day Out


Do you want to break into your market? Grab more attention away from the competition? Or dominate the race?
We have marketing packages to meet your business where you are. All we need is permission to go.