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Momentum Drives is a digital marketing agency that’s focused on helping clients in the automotive industry build their customer base. We start with the messaging. Also, ask about our unique and effective recruitment marketing strategy. Our primary Key Performance Indicator is your market share.



Tony and Mike Tatich of TMT Automotive were just a year into their second location, in 2019, when we met. Having been in business for more than 35 years at their original location, we started out just helping them with video, photography, and social media posts. However, they needed to get better organic search rankings (and SEO), facing a competitive market with a half-dozen other shops leading the way.

The Momentum Drives team dug deep in research and used our experience to come up with a plan that would help TMT gain more traction and market share. TMT’s work culture and reviews were positive – those are two things we can’t fix – but that quality gives us the momentum we need to exponentially amplify our message and increase our reach.

While developing a new website with authentic images and videos of their actual people and shops, we also researched TMT’s reviews, looking for a common theme. Customers were overwhelmingly glad to have the use of free loaner cars while their vehicles were being fixed. So, we developed “we keep you moving” as a tagline and a point of reference for all our marketing.

Car count increased by more than 25% because the company treats employees well and offers exceptional customer service and quality work – as well as the loaner cars. Our new messaging and targeting helped us reach people who hadn’t heard of TMT before because of the other market leaders dominated the “noise.” At this time, TMT started breaking records for incoming calls and car counts.

After launching a new website, stacking up social media posts, beginning new Google Ads campaigns and utilizing the new message all throughout, including billboards, TMT started moving up the ladder. The growth caused a new need, recruitment, which we were able to address by a very unique strategy we developed.

TMT opened its third location in September 2022 and is set to open more stores soon – and do so with a growing bench of techs.



Since 2020, we’ve worked with more auto-related companies than ever before. Our team helped grow an RV manufacturer’s market share by 13% in less than a year through SEO and Google Ads. We’ve assisted an international differentials manufacturer with marketing automation and influencer marketing to drive up sales. Our local auto service center client received regular social media posting, advertising, SEO and other services that empowered them to successfully launch their third location.



Thor Motor Coach

Everyone in the RV industry has seen a huge bump in sales during 2020. Travelers who are locked down in the U.S. are satisfying their wanderlust by turning to RVs for COVID-safe travel. Before COVID hit, however, Thor Motor Coach was already planning ways to reach the younger, newer Class B RV market.

Thor Motor Coach invested in a few new hires for their internal marketing team and set up a key partnership with Momentum Marketing Consultants to target the B Van audience through Google search and ads. The result? An 8% market share increase in seven months. 

Part one of the plan included SEO training sessions with members of the Thor Motor Coach marketing team at the Momentum office. There, our team walked them through key principles of SEO, how to use SEO tools for keyword research, auditing, and strategizing, and how to create SEO-friendly content. 

While the Thor team developed and implemented their search strategy, Momentum created targeted ad campaigns that garnered immediate results, bumping up market share to 13% by the ninth month.

Momentum trained different TMC members on digital marketing best practices, including social media, paid and targeted social media, email marketing (where we improved open rates by 10%), and Google Ads targeting.

Thor Motor Coach now runs all its marketing in-house.



Strategy from an Agency that Knows the Industry.

Located in the home state of the Indy 500 and the RV capital of the world, our digital marketing team understands the auto industry. Your business will be in good hands with an agency who has demonstrated proven success with RV manufacturers, auto repair companies, auto parts manufacturers and more.


Momentum Marketing has really grown our overall Google and SEO site capabilities. Chelsea at Momentum has been a tremendous help on both training and organizing a complete SEO strategy that has given Thor Motor Coach an edge in our industry.”

– Thor Motor Coach Team

We started using Momentum Marketing to drive more clients to our stores and they did not disappoint! The word Momentum in their name is exactly what they created for us. More visits to our website, more visits to our social postings, and ultimately more clients coming in and doing business with us!

– Mike and Tony Tatich, TMT Automotive


Tale of 2 categories.

Trade shows were the initial focus for our role at Auburn Gear. Pre-pandemic, Momentum helped the Specialty Differentials division of AG target distributors and retailers in the automotive aftermarket, geo-fencing and demographic/behavior targeting.

We utilize Google, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms – each with its own targeting characteristics.

That initial response caused us to brainstorm for the other side of the Auburn Gear business, drive systems – hydraulic and the up-and-coming electric drive focus. We helped them reach specific OEMs who were looking to explore electric options, for products such as riding lawnmowers and floor sweepers. We targeted engineers at several companies resulting in several contracts for electric drive prototypes.


We shifted back to the company’s original product, differentials for rear-wheel and four-wheel vehicles and continue to utilize a pull strategy, focusing on parts retailers, and avid overlanders, 4X4 enthusiasts, and auto restoration hobbyists and mechanics.


Do you want to break into your market? Grab more attention away from the competition? Or dominate the race? We have marketing packages to meet your business where you are. All we need is permission to go.